Why Donate?

Support a Student

With your support, we aim to help every child in America reach his or her academic potential. We want all kids to learn, to succeed and to lay the early groundwork for fulfilling lives. Every dollar makes a difference.  If you have any questions about your donation, please contact sfainfo@successforall.org.

We seek to do this one school, one child at a time. Your donations will enable a Success for All school to get the program materials, professional development, tutoring, leadership training and infrastructure support it needs to help all students learn and achieve at high academic levels.

  • A gift of $125 gives a year’s worth of student materials and teacher support to help a child to read on grade level.
  • A gift of $125 provides a middle school student with reading materials for one year.
  • A gift of $65 gives a kindergarten student reading materials for the year.
  • A gift of $60 helps a middle school student develop STEM skills though PowerTeaching Math for one year.
  • A gift of $55 gives and elementary student reading materials for the year.
  • A gift of $30 provides videos for a preschool child to share what he or she learned in school each day with his or her family.
  • A gift of $30 provides technology-assisted tutoring for an elementary student for a year.
  • A gift of $25 provides social-emotional skill lessons for a student for one year.
  • A gift of $25 gives a first grader all of the literature books they need for a whole year of reading.
  • A gift of $15 gives a kindergarten student math materials for a whole year of learning.

“Success for All Foundation provides a system that can be depended upon to create success in all sorts of schools from inner city Detroit to the Bering Straits of Alaska.  The impacts are large, and the lives of the children and families are changed.  We are proud that SFA got its start here at Johns Hopkins, and have selected Success for All as our partner in the schools in the Baltimore community that we support.”jhu