Are you ready for your kindergartners to think, talk and explore? KinderCorner is a comprehensive kindergarten program based on research that helps children make sense of the world around them, fostering development of oral language, literacy math, and interpersonal and self-help skills, as well as science and social studies concepts. Join Kinder Roo and Alex the Ape as they help all kids become Cool Kids!

KinderCorner includes:

  • A strong focus on oral-language and vocabulary development and assessment.
  • Build-in scaffolds and prompts to help students thoroughly learn procedures and cooperative learning structures.
  • Many opportunities for student interaction and partner work.
  • Integration of social-emotional skills and strategies.
  • Professional development for teachers, including online resources.
  • Interactive whiteboard compatibility.
  • Online data tools and analysis.
  • Integration of videos, including Sesame Workshop ones, to enhance instruction.

KinderCorner provides students with a wide array of literacy-enhancing experiences to promote their language and literacy development. Students in KinderCorner participate in listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities throughout their entire day.  Teachers model fluent reading and help students to develop listening-comprehension skills though Story Telling and Retelling (STaR) lessons. Each STaR book is read interactively with students on the first day and then retold with puppets or through dramatization on the second day.

The Learning Labs foster thematic exploration through concrete hands-on activities. Students engage in imaginative play, problem solving, exploring materials, experimenting, observing, and recording data. They interact together, enhancing their interpersonal and oral-language skills, and develop cognitive skills as they engage in imaginative play.

Theme Exploration begins with the Partnership Question of the Day that elicits discussion to set the stage for the specific topic within the theme that will be explored for the day. The daily content focus is introduced through the Daily Message. Students explore thematic concepts through books, background videos, and other interactive activities. They also learn from one to three thematic vocabulary words that will be used throughout the unit.

An environment that promotes learning and supportive classroom-management strategies enhances students’ self-esteem. As a teacher, you are a powerful influence in each student’s life. Your students look to you for confirmation that they are capable and lovable. There are numerous strategies built into the KC curriculum.  One of these, Pocket Points, are small plastic chips that the class can earn for demonstrating what they have learned, sharing their responses to a question, returning their signed Read & Respond bookmarks, etc. The teacher or students place the chips that are earned into the KinderRoo puppet’s pouch. At the end of each day, during Let’s Think About It, the pocket point chips are counted and transferred from KinderRoo’s pouch to the celebration jar.

Rich, active, upfront training prepares teachers to begin implementing their program:

  • Two on-site training days are scheduled for teachers, assistants and administrators.
  • Training outlines program objectives and prepares staff to begin implementation.

Goal-Focused Achievement Planning – As the school year begins, school/district leaders and your coach will develop specific instructional goals and outcomes. Each school receives:

  • Quarterly monitoring of progress toward schoolwide goals.
  • Periodic sessions to examine data with leadership and staff to establish targets and interventions for the next quarter.

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