Get ready to think like a mathematician with PowerTeaching Math, an instructional approach that links Common Core, state standards and school curricula to research-proven instructional strategies and classroom resources, promoting rigor and student engagement. Students work in cooperative teams and get motivated to solve problems through engaging videos featuring student mathematicians, Quincy and Andie.

PowerTeaching Math includes:

  • Rigorous lesson materials that help each student think like a mathematician.
  • Routines, rubrics and structures to guide powerful discussions and teamwork.
  • Instruction that helps students learn to think flexibly, articulate solutions and use mathematical practices to master objectives.
  • Professional development for teachers, including online resources.
  • Interactive whiteboard compatibility.
  • Online data tools and analysis.
  • Alignment with 21st century standards.

PowerTeaching Math empowers students to work together to improve their understanding of mathematics concepts, and encourages them to take ownership of their learning during multiple opportunities for practice and evaluation. With over 25 years of reasearch, PowerTeaching has been demonstrated to increase academic success by establishing a student-centered classroom through the use of compelling concept presentations, assessments for learning, and student learning teams.

Rich, active, upfront training prepares teachers to begin implementing their program:

  • Two on-site training days are scheduled for teachers, assistants and administrators.
  • Training outlines program objectives and prepares staff to begin implementation.

Goal-Focused Achievement Planning – As the school year begins, school/district leaders and your coach will develop specific instructional goals and outcomes. Each school receives:

  • Quarterly monitoring of progress toward schoolwide goals.
  • Periodic sessions to examine data with leadership and staff to establish targets and interventions for the next quarter.

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