Alphie the Alligator guides students through engaging daily lessons accompanied by eye-catching shared stories and fun classroom videos. Reading Roots is a 90-minute comprehensive program that targets the needs of beginning readers. It is a research-based, beginning-reading program that provides a strong base for young readers through systematic phonics instruction, supported by decodable stories, and instruction in fluency and comprehension.

Reading Roots includes:

  • Lessons designed to foster creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Colorful classroom materials to bring instruction to life.
  • Professional development for teachers, including online resources.
  • Interactive whiteboard compatibility.
  • Online data tools and analysis.
  • Alignment with 21st century standards.

The Shared Stories allow students to read complex, engaging, and interesting stories, even when they know only a few letter sounds. Guided Partner Reading is included in every Reading Roots lesson so students can support each other as they learn to read and increase fluency.

Students practice auditory segmentation in Reading Roots to learn how to write words.

Rich, active, upfront training prepares teachers to begin implementing their program:

  • Two on-site training days are scheduled for teachers, assistants and administrators.
  • Training outlines program objectives and prepares staff to begin implementation.

Goal-Focused Achievement Planning – As the school year begins, school/district leaders and your coach will develop specific instructional goals and outcomes. Each school receives:

  • Quarterly monitoring of progress toward schoolwide goals.
  • Periodic sessions to examine data with leadership and staff to establish targets and interventions for the next quarter.

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