“I have been an elementary school teacher for nearly 20 years. In all that time, FastTrack Phonics has been my absolute favorite program to use with developing readers. The daily lessons provide my students with easy-to-follow activities that combine both reading and writing in an engaging way. They have fun while they learn, and even my struggling students have become proficient readers and spellers this year. The smiles on their faces as they read (and comprehend) are priceless.”
– 1st Grade Teacher, Monarch Learning Academy, Orlando, FL

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FastTrack Phonics is a fun, fast-paced, and systematic phonics program that builds students’ skills in phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondence and word-level blending and segmenting.  It can be used with a range of learners: from beginners with little or no phonetic knowledge to students with more advanced skills. The lessons are appropriate for varied age groups, and they are flexible enough to be customized to the needs of a particular student, class, or group.

During their 20-minute daily lessons, children master the basics of reading with phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondence, word-level blending and spelling practice. For teachers it provides detailed guides for each interactive session, making lesson planning a breeze. The program integrates direct teaching, using puppets, video and colorful picture cards, with whole-class interaction and partner practice.

FastTrack Phonics includes:

  • Detailed teacher guides and daily 20-minute lessons
  • Fun, interactive classroom materials that include a key card wall set, phonics picture cards, letter-blending cards, alphabet letter strips, Alphie the Puppet, and more
  • Individual Student Partner Practice Booklets that easily organize practice, providing feedback and celebrating achievement
  • Extensive professional development for teachers on site, and online, as well as a robust online resource library for additional support
  • Online tools that help teachers track and manage student progress


FastTrack Phonics includes video clips called the Animated Alphabet. These delightful video clips help students remember the sounds and shapes of the letters of the alphabet.


On site training, ongoing support and and a rich variety of resources online enable teachers to create engaging and effective 20-minutes phonics lessons that can be taught after school or during regular classes. These include:

  • One day of on-site training
  • Ongoing follow-up coaching to monitor student progress
  • Further professional development online
  • A robust online library of resources to support teachers
  • Online tools that allow teachers to track student progress

FastTrack Phonics includes lots of fun and interactive classroom materials.  We’ve provided a few samples here, and please contact us if you would like additional information and/or samples.

Begin your reading block with instruction that develops phonics and phonemic-awareness skills through fun, fast-paced, and systematic FastTrack Phonics Lessons. The many opportunities for partner work and sharing motivate students to participate and learn together.

Graphemes are introduced one at a time. Sixty graphemes are introduced in the full-year sequence, including each of the letters of the alphabet; consonant combinations like sh, ch, th, and ng; vowel digraphs like ea and ai; diphthongs like ow and oi; and the long vowel pattern a_e; and so on. Once a grapheme (letter or letter group) is introduced, it is revisited extensively in future lessons as part of daily teacher instruction and student practice. Each grapheme is introduced with a key card that provides a visual reminder of the sound-letter link and an alliterative sentence that plays with the sound. Additional picture cards support additional phonemic segmentation and blending activities. Z, Sh, Ng, P, H, F

One challenge in early reading is for students to get enough practice using sound and blending skills to learn how to read real words quickly. In FastTrack Phonics, students practice together every day with Partner Practice Booklets.

More than 150 media clip skits show students how to blend sounds into words. Alphie, the Finger Detective, Monster, and their many friends break down longer and longer words successfully.

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