“I can feel and I can see a change in the way they come to the class motivated; they’re eager to lean more.” – Teacher, Junction City, KS



Getting Along Together is a program developed by the Success for All Foundation, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan that helps students build social and emotional skills (SEL) and apply them both in and out of the classroom.  Getting Along Together has a three-pronged focus: students learn thinking and cognitive skills, emotional management, as well as interpersonal and social skills.  Collectively, these skills and strategies create a peaceful school environment where students are empowered to manage their own behavior, decrease conflict, and increase receptivity to learning. Getting Along Together helps students with focus, memory, and self-control, as well as building empathy, friendship skills, cognition, and coping skills for common social problems.

Click here for a one-page PDF document that describes Getting Along Together.

Getting Along Together includes:

  • Detailed teacher guides to support instruction
  • Weekly lessons for year-long instruction
  • Posters, literature kits, certificates, strategy cards, team rewards, games, and puppets to use with the lessons
  • Engaging media supports to teach fundamental social skills

Students do not always come to school with sufficient conflict‑management skills to negotiate a classroom setting. To develop a healthy control of their emotions, they may need to practice specific strategies for cooling down when they feel themselves getting angry. Stop and Stay Cool is one way to do that.

After the first two weeks of lessons, Getting Along Together begins the regular routine of a skill lesson at the beginning of the week and a Class Council at the end of the week. The Class Council is a half‑hour meeting in which students do real‑life application of the skills they are learning to create a more positive and productive classroom.

  • On-site training prepares teachers to begin teaching Getting Along Together
  • Teachers and administrators are supported throughout the year with additional online training, and access to an extensive online library of resources to

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