“At the beginning of the school year, I had one reader in my kindergarten classroom of fourteen. From learning letter sounds to taking home and sharing their Kinder Phonics books, I now have fourteen enthusiastic readers! Success for All has been with us every step of the way, monitoring our students progress and offering great suggestions for reaching students of all learning styles. The parents have been thrilled with their children’s progress and newfound love of reading. I cannot recommend this program highly enough!”

-Lindsay Chamberlin, Kindergarten Teacher at Monarch Learning Academy, Orlando, FL


Kinder Phonics is a systematic, sequential phonics program that makes learning fun, fast, and easy.  In addition to engaging instruction, students have daily opportunities to practice working on phonemic skills and strategies and apply what was learned when reading phonetically regular text. Kinder Phonics helps teachers develop confident, independent, strategic readers that are prepared for the first grade and beyond.

Kinder Phonics includes:

  • Detailed teacher guides make planning a breeze, and provide daily 20-30 minute lessons for instruction on
    • phonemic awareness,
    • letter-sound correspondence,
    • word-level blending, beginning spelling,
    • fluency and
    • comprehension.
  • Student and classroom materials include engaging media clips, puppets, card sets, and individual student books to keep kids engaged and excited about reading.

Professional Development / Support

  • One day on site training for teachers and school administrators
  • Ongoing follow up coaching to assist with monitoring student progress and troubleshooting, to make sure every student is successful.
  • Robust online library of media, materials, and other resources to support Kinder Phonics teachers

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