SFA Alumnus, Native American, Navaho Tribe, Yah-Ta-Hey, NM


I knew I was succeeding with SFA when I was not embarrassed being the only fifth-grader in a reading class of third-graders. I looked at Success for All as a time of mental stimulation and I was learning reading skills that I didn’t have before. I prospered from that moment forward, because now I could read.

I entered high school with a 3.8 GPA and graduated as a member of the National Honor Society in the top 10 percent of my class. I entered Arizona State University as a Gates Millennium Scholar in 2012 and received my Bachelors in Psychology. After working with a not-for-profit, I went back to do a second Bachelors degree in Family and Human Development and graduated in 2014.

I work with Southwest Human Development now and my five- year goal is to go back to school to earn my Masters Degree in Public Health.

With that, I will return home to the Navajo reservation and work with families and children.

This was not a journey I could have dreamed of before Success for All.