Who We Are

Success in life is built on a solid foundation of learning. The first critical step is to learn how to read. Children who aren’t reading well by third grade are unlikely to graduate from high school, and are unprepared for college or a career. But more than half of American students are not effective readers by grade 4.

Success for All seeks to break the cycle of failure with thoroughly researched, proven-to-work literacy programs. Partnering with pre-kindergarten to 8th grade schools across the country, Success for All has helped millions of children to read, achieve and gain a new vision for their futures.

For 30 years Success for All has worked directly with educators in thousands of schools in disadvantaged communities to help their students achieve reading levels at or above the norm. In hundreds of these institutions, SFA students attain the highest reading levels statewide.

The tools we use to combat poverty and disadvantage include cooperative learning strategies, professional development for educators and involving schools, community and family to support student success in a collaborative whole-school framework.

The ability to read fluently opens doors, minds and possibilities. Because they can understand instruction, students go on to do well in other subject areas, including math and science programs.

Building success upon success, successful readers are able to create lives for themselves where they are happy, prosperous and fulfilled.

With the help of the SFA program, 63% of students at Indian oasis elementary in Tuson have passed the aims in reading, and 70% are reading on grade level.